How To Rename Multiple Keys In A JavaScript Object
2 min read

Renaming Keys

This function will help you rename the keys of an existing object, it is based on the use of Object.keys() in a combination with Array.prototype.reduce(). This function is originally from this website.

const renameKeys = (keysMap, obj) =>
		(acc, key) => ({
			...{ [keysMap[key] || key]: obj[key] },


Let’s use a basic example and how we can rename it. We have this object with some basic values.

const person = { name: "Joe", gender: "Male", age: 30 };

We want to rename name to firstName and age to lifeExperience.

const updated = renameKeys({ firstName: "joe", age: "lifeExperience" }, person);
// {firstName: 'Joe', gender: 'Male', lifeExperience: 30}

The new person object will now have updated keys.